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Nature's delicious veggie snack, 100% natural, gluten free. 


Our veggies include:  Orange sweet potato, purple sweet potato, carrots, green radishes, green beans, Shiitake mushrooms, organic beetroot.


One 100g bag of veggie crisps is made from about 800g of raw veggies, making veggie crisps very nutrient dense.


Cholesterol free

MSG free

Gluten free

GMO free

Nut free

Egg free

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

30% less fat than regular fried potato chips


Ingredients:  Carrot, purple sweet potato, orange sweet potato, green radish, green bean, shiitake mushroom, organic beetroot, soy bean oil, organic sustainable palm olein oil, fructose, pepper, salt.  (May contain traces of milk protein). 


Per 100g:

Energy  1957kj

Protein  3.5g

Fat (total)  20.5g

Saturated  8.1g

Carbos  63.2g

Sugars  27.5g

Dietary fibre  8.2g

Sodium  286mg


Our unique vacuum cooking process preserves natural goodness and delicious veggie taste.


Packed in Australia using local and imported ingredients.



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