MEED Medical encourages a new approach to natural health which combines proven medical knowledge with traditional natural medicines, to achieve a better outcome for the patient.  Total well being is not something that can be achieved by taking a tablet, it requires lifestyle modification and change in attitude to reduce stress and load on the body.  For this reason we decided to go with a totally new approach which acknowledges the role of prescription medications, but focuses on diet, exercise, and natural supplements to prevent the need for prescription intervention by a doctor.


MEED Medical is owned and operated by Mark Hope, a Pharmacist with over ten years experience.  Mark grew up in Yamba NSW, a region strongly influenced by followers of natural medicine from the areas of Lismore, Nimbin, Byron Bay and Mullumbimby.  Mark's father is a doctor, resulting in two strong health influences combining from a young age to shape what is now MEED Medical.  We operate on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, around 45 minutes inland from Cairns.  Our approach is to preserve health, before minor problems become established ailments.  We believe that preventative natural medicine is the way of the future. 


We aim to stock unique niche products that can't be found in run of the mill health stores and standard pharmacies.  If there is a particular product you would like us to source please email us directly at info@meed.com.au


We are based in Australia and ship to a number of countries worldwide, including New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, China, and others.  Our products may have multiple uses.  It is up to the purchaser to adhere to their local laws and customs regulations.  MEED will not refund items seized by customs or law enforcement.  We assume that all products sold to Australian customers will be used in a manner that conforms with local, state and federal law.  Any reference to medical Marijuana or Cannabis is for the benefit of our customers in countries and states which permit this amazing natural medicine.  We have no intention of breaking any laws.



MEED Medical (Warehouse)
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Queensland Australia
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