For thousands of years various civilizations and cultures have been making use of wild plants for medical purposes.  Some have proven more effective than others, but the fact remains that their popularity has never died off.  Although scientists have been able to extract and improve on a number of molecules found in weeds, there is also belief that certain herbs work better when taken in their natural, unpurified form.  Therefore supporters of natural plant based medications believe restrictions on drugs such as Cannabis should be lifted so that Australia falls in line with other countries such as the USA, who have much stricter drug policies than our own.
Historically we can see that Medical Weed may be an alternative option for those who wish to reject conventional western medicine.  Here is some background information for some of the more commonly used plant based medicines from around the world.

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Catnip (coming soon)


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Ginkgo Biloba (coming soon)







Horny Goat Weed (coming soon)


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Passion Flower


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