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If we're not in our hippy headquarters, you'll find us outside in the sun, whether it be bike riding, swimming at the beach or practicing paddleboard yoga. We love the sun. We really do. But we also love our skin.


Vitamin D is great for you but it is also important to care for your skin out in the sun, unless you want to end up with skin like our Guru (he says he is 104 but we think more like 144!).


Okay, so here it gets a bit complicated but stay with us and we'll try to explain as best we can. Imagine UV Radiation is like rain and you want to stay dry. There are two ways you can do it: 


You can keep the rain off your skin by covering your body with dry towels which absorb the rain. UV filter sunscreens work in a similar way by absorbing UV radiation. They tend to be clear and use other penetration chemicals to help it rub into the skin quickly and easily.


Just like how towels reach a certain point before they get drenched and stop working to keep you safe from rain, these sunscreens tend to get 'drenched' from absorbing UV energy and tend to wear out. This means they need to be reapplied often to maintain SPF.


You can also reflect the rain off your skin using an umbrella. Because the umbrella doesn't absorb any rain like a towel, you don't need to worry about replacing the umbrella. It withstands long periods of rain.


This is similar to how sunscreens with white zinc work. They refelct those bad boys (UV rays) away from your skin. The only downside of white zinc is it appears white on the skin (the kind that surf lifesavers and cricketers wear across their noses). 


Hoes ours work?  Well, we have chosen to use Clear Zinc which rubs into the skin clear.  It may cost a little more but we personally prefer to use this on ourselves and the rest of our hippy bunch.  It absorbs & relfects.  Clear Zinc absorbs UV rays, but doesn't break down or wear out like UV filter sunscreens over time.  It also helps reflect UV rays off the skin. 


Our sunscreen is naturally UVA and UVB broad spectrum.  We spent a long time on the formula because we wanted to make sure it was the least oily and greasy as we think a natural sunscreen can possibly be because we know little hippies in patricular like it better when it is not oily. 

Zinc Oxide sunscreens aren't perfect.  They do take a little bit more time to rub in clear, and they are also more expensive to make than chemical sunscreens.  But there are reasons we went to all this trouble for our skin. It's a long story so if you want to find out why we chose Zinc Oxide, give A Bit Hippy a call on 1800 998 343. :)


Suitable for all, from hippy bubs to rockin' grandmas.  We would love for you to road test our sunscreen next to a regular sunscreen at a picnic, the beach or  anywhere you will be getting lots of sun and let us know how it went.


You may find it is a little difficult to get the first pump out.  This is because it is quite thick as we have chosen to use Clear Zinc instead of UV filter chemicals.  You can think of it like a thick shake (it always takes a little more effort to get the first sip through the straw!)  So to get that first pump out, give the bottle a little shake and a few pumps then repeat.


Put some sunscreen onto the skin and smeer lightly.  Wait a moment to allow the cream to warm up to the same temp.  as your skin and then rub in clear.  Reapply after prolonged swimming.  Use only as directed.


Active ingredient:  Zinc Oxide 25%


Made in Australia


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